SOOOOOOOOO today i bid farewell to my quaint (yet scorchingly hot) apartment, roommates, and amazing rome, and hopped on a plane with my friend samantha to BARCELONA, which is where i am writing this now in my beautiful hotel room with wifi(!!) but more importantly, air conditioning (!!!). i loved my apartment and all, but it was ridiculously hot and i could barely function in it. our hotel room is farely small, and only one bed, but we don't mind sharing. it's got a nice little flat screen tv on the wall, and works for us. it took us a trip downstairs to see how to get the electricity working, apparently we have to put our key into this little box and leave it there, spiffy little trick they have....

There was a little bit of trouble getting here though. i booked a SUUUPER cheap flight (5 euros, but then fees and taxes made it 45 euros) but didn't see the fine print where it said you could only have 15 kgs of checked baggage. total. mine were abouttt...20 kilos over, and i had to pay 8 euros per kilo...that came to about ohhh 160 euros. that really upset me, and i started to cry . i was doing so well with the cheap flight and hotel (it's only $50 per person a night for 3 nights, not too shabby) and then had to pay for extra baggage weight, i might as well have sent most of it home for 200 euros. i'm going to look into it for the flight back to Rome to make sure i don't have that problem again.

Sam bought a Spain book and we've been reading all about it. apparently tonight is some huge festival for barcelona, and it's one big party all night long, complete with fireworks! :) we got really lucky with that. also, we saw a guy ryan from our program at JCU at the airport, so we're gonna hang out with him and maybe some other people he said were coming. after 3 nights here, sam and i are going to go to madrid for 3 nights and then i fly back to rome to catch a flight to jfk to catch a flight to orlando. that's going to be a super long day for me! but for now, i'm having a great time!!!
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