this weekend i went on a sailing trip on the mediterranean! i have LOTS of new pictures up at my various places, so please go check them out!

as a kid i was petrified of boats! so scared that i used to make my family walk around the epcot world showcase instead of taking the ferry from one side to the other. and i refused to go on any rides that involved boats. so no mexico or norway for me. it's a small world was a push for me. but i got roped into this sailing trip with the rest of my friends this weekend. and to say this trip was amazing would be an understatement! the water was beautiful! not like new smyrna or daytona, but crystal clear, see the rocks at the bottom, kind of blue. there was a little bit of drama the first night on deciding who was on what boat. there were two groups of five and a group of six, and only eight people per boat. so someone was going to have to split up. you'd think the easiset would be for the group of six to become two groups of three, but no, they got real bitchy about that. another suggestion was the last group who signed up should split up, which was a good idea, but then again, if that group hadn't split up, then there wouldn't have been a second boat, so half of the other group wouldn't have been able to go. it was a big mess, and everyone had legitimate reasons for not wanting to split up. in the end one of the groups of five split up. I really liked all the people on our boat, and everyone got along really well, and there was no more drama after that :). the boat was really nice, but verry cramped for nine people (including the captain). the toilet had no flush, but instead a pump, and the paper was put in a waste bucket under the sink...yeah, imagine my horror upon learning THAT pretty fact...i'm sure you can imagine the look on my face.....
the second day was the best. we sailed all night and woke up surrounded by cliffs and a beach. we were at Palmarola, part of the Pontine Islands. it was a little gray that morning, but cleared up by the afternoon and it was a bright blue sky with lots of sun! this is a shot of us jumping into the medaterranean sea! the water was a bit cold at first, but after a few minutes you got used to it. we hit a couple of different islands, and eventually came to Ponza, an island with a village built right into the side of a mountain. it looked more like it was from Greece, than Italy. We docked here for the night, so the captains could sleep, and we could walk around on solid land. We got to explore and shop a little bit. We hit a few bars and got some drinks, and just enjoyed the scenery. we were going to wake up early to catch the sunrise, but yeah, that definitely didn't happen. instead we woke up around 10 and had already set sail again. it was a long nine hour sail back to Ostia, the port we left from, so we had to get an early start. while sailing back we saw a huge five mast sail boat way far in the distance. it was so far, it was very faint and looked like it was in mist. It really looked like it was straight out of the 18th century...who knows, maybe it was, and we caught a ghost ship forever at sea...you never know. ;) The weather forecast was also not good and the choppy waves created a lot of rocking, which led to problems for some of the people later on in the day.

By Sunday evening, everyone was ready to get off and back to solid land, even those of us who weren't seasick. our first stop after our weekend at sea? Mcdonalds! nothing tasted as good as those fries that day...It was definitely a weekend to remember and i'm so glad i decided to go!

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  1. Kevin Says:

    every post makes me more jealous :P

    the boat looks freakin awesome, argh i need to go to Rome sometime (i wish)

    haha that scared of boats part was pretty funny, are you still a little scared now or what?

    glad you're having a great time, take care over there :)

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