i've had two bad days since i've been here. both have been on thursdays...what's up with that? apparently i overdrew my account the other day and the bank is charging me a $64 fee...those sneaky bastards, not telling me i'm out but letting me take money out anyways....

money is slipping through my hands like water here. i don't get it. i had close to $700 in my account when i got here and now i'm overdrawn?! whaaaaaat?!? part of the problem is the exchange rate...it's like $1.46 to 1 euro. that blows. my money goes nowhere here. i need it to be reversed. then i'd be much happier. one thing my dad told me was that i was "in italy" and i should go out and do stuff around italy. well hellloooo no money = no going out and doing stuff in italy. the man is so dumb sometimes. i'm not going to just sit in the apartment all day, that would be a severe waste of money. i'm already not going on a trip to greece with all my friends because it's too expensive, AND i backed out of an island trip this weekend because i really can't afford it. i haven't bought anything expensive or designer. it doesn't help that my roommate is loaded and told her dad that she just didn't think that him putting $1000 in her account "just wasn't enough".

i'm tired. i have a headache. i'm broke. and now all those things put together make me very irratable.

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