After a late night of partying last night, my roommate and i decided to catch a cab to school. It's a pretty long walk, and only like 2.5 euros each if we split a cab. So we're standing out by our corner for about 30 minutes, flailing our arms at every taxi we see. none of them stopped for us! not even the empty ones! apparently today is Italy's national taxi strike day! seriously?!?! wtf?! by now it was too late to walk and still be on time, so we ended up being 10 minutes late. on top of that, we did A TON of walking in class today. almost to the spanish steps, which is a hefty hike, and then of course we had to walk back. i'm still highly annoyed by this stupid taxi strike. apparently it's to get the government to issue more cab liscenses.

gah! how rude!
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  1. Kevin Says:

    oh wow, taxi strike does that happen like a lot?

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