HI! so this is where i'll be posting about all my great adventures while in europe this summer! i'm pretty bad at keeping a blog or anything, but i feel that this is an exception, and i'll want the records and memories for later. I'll be posting pictures here to go with my blogs as well, but most of my other pictures will be up at http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa151/Ohmygoshi/ (be sure to check out the Stella album too! she's the 18 month old i sit for in dc and she's absolutely adorable!)

So, i'm less than two days away from flying out and i really haven't packed a single thing. i'm still UNpacking from moving back home. it's been pretty crazy. i hate packing, so i hate unpacking too. I am SO excited for this trip! i know it's going to be absolutely amazing. i'm so excited for the people i'm going to meet and the places i'm going to see! it's my first time to europe, but hopefully won't be my last! to say that this year so far has been trying would be an understatement, so i'm ready for this summer! i really want to see as much as possible, but then there's that whole issue of money...

ahhh it's going to be GREAT though! please leave your comments! i love reading them!!
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