ok! so sorry for the lack of updates recently...i don't have internet in my apartment so i can't post my pictures from my computer, and i really wanted to post some with my entries! tomorrow i'm planning on going to the school and using the free wifi. there are a couple of cafes near school with free wifi too! as soon as i get some, i'll upload everything i have.

but ahh where to start?? my apartment is ok...it's two bedroom one bath, for 4 girls. so it's a tad crammed at times. we have a full kitchen, but no living room. we thought it was really nice, then we saw another one and theirs is soo much nicer, but whatevs. i didn't come all the way to italy to sit in my apartment anyways. oh by the way, i live right next to Vatican City. you can't see from my apartment, but at my friends you can see the vatican from his WINDOW! the view at night is beyond amazing!

i live with 3 other girls from AU and they're all fabuluous! for the most part, i've just been hanging out with AU people, but i'm sure that will change a little when i actually start class on tuesday. although a lot of the AU people are taking digital photography with me too.

Yesterady and today we went on a walking tour through rome. Yesterday we saw the Trevi Fountain (which is so incredible), lots of squares and piazzas, St. Agnes Church (where you can still see St. Agnes' head btw...it's freakishly small, and somewhat disappointing), the pantheon and the Spanish Steps (one of the most famous shopping areas!!!). We were walking and we turned a corner into a small campo and there was the Pantheon just sitting there looking so out of place, but it was gorgeous. the art inside is beautiful and Rafael is buried there, along with a few kings i believe. and maybe a pope too. i can't really remember.

today was the ancient rome tour. looooots of cool stuff. it's hard to describe it all because a lot of it i hadn't heard of before, but a lot of the ruins and things that originated in the b.c./a.d. time frame. we did get to go to the Roman Forum and that was pretty cool. The view from the top was awesome because it encompassed so much in one view. I saw where Caesar was murdered, and where he was cremated and his funeral was at, it ended with the Colosseum...it was so cool just to see it. it's so famous in history, everyone has at least heard of it...and i was standing inside of it today!! a lot of the center floor has been removed (or just fallen, but i think it was purposely removed) and you could see all the underneathes and hallways where the animals and gladiators were kept. There's still a lot of excavation and rennovation taking place too.

it's been A LOT of walking, so we're all pretty exahausted. my next post will be about all the amazing food, because that deserves a post of it's own.

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