I'm a twenty-something girl going to school in Washington D.C. My life is anything but ordinary, and I everytime I think I find the meaning of life, they change it. I originally hail from Small-Town, Florida. Somewhere that I never really appreciated til I left. I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family while I was studying abroad in Rome, but then I kind of liked it once I was back, and decided to keep it around.

This blog was originally started to document my 6-week summer in Rome, hence the title. However, after I returned, I decided to keep it up and continue posting about my life. I can't really tell you about myself without giving a long list of adjectives that, in the end, only gives you a vague description of who I really am. I've broken hearts and I've been heartbroken, neither are fun and neither are fair. I'm learning more about myself everyday, and this is where i go to write about what I've learned.

I'm learning how to take life day-by-day. I'm a plan-aholic, meaning I like to have everything planned out as to what's going to happen. But reality rarely follows my plans. I enjoy lazy days, good books, sunny days with temps in the low 70s, taking pictures, Coach handbags. Random, I know, but that's me.