i have a couple of different posts ready to put up, but seeing as my laptop won't connect to the internet and i'm on the hotel's laptop, i can't put them up. i have pictures to go with them.

it was a long long day, and i'm pretty tired. i walked around Trastevere today. it's very old looking. cobbled streets and pink buildings. every now and then you'll see the reminders of time that haunt the streets. there are many restaraunts up and down the different "vias" and a few piazzas, and lots of gelato. i've seen several "gelaterias" but i haven't gotten any yet. i had to eat alone tonight, that was kind of depressing. i forgot my book so i was just kind of sitting there. boy, italians sure do know how to get your money from you. they bring bread to your table, and then charge you 2.50 for it! lol...ridiculous.

the hotel im at only has 5 rooms. mine's really nice, and i have pictures too...hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to connect on my computer and post my pics and whatnot. tomorrow is when i meet all the rest of the people from JCU so i'm excited!!! :)

im super tired now so im going to go read and go sleep...

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  1. Kevin Says:

    tell me how the gelato is! I'm sure it's absolutely delicious! Eat more food and tell me about it, make sure you take pics of it too! I'd love to see them. Take care now :)

  2. michele Says:

    Sounds fabulous!!! I'm so jealous! I've been praying for you! Sorry I keep missing you ~ it's been CRAZY here! I'll fill you in when you get home! Eat LOTS of food for me!!!! Love, michele

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