so let's run through my checklist:

clothes to last me 6 weeks - check
passport and papers - check
hotel room for my early arrival - check (although i'm somewhat nervous about that...)
music and powercord- check
converters - check
sunglasses - check
toiletries - check
shoes - check
sheets and pillow - check
king george - check (he goes everywhere with me)
camera - check
laptop - check (kind of...i won't leave without it)
Euros - check
travel books on Italy, Rome, and traveler's guide to italian - check (i didn't get one on europe as a whole though, i hope i don't regret that)
AIRPLANE TICKET! - check (btw, WHO in the hell doesn't do e-tickets anymore?!?)

i think i'm pretty good. but i'm sure there's something i'll forget, i always do....

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  1. Kevin Says:

    lol clothes that'll last 6 weeks... how many suitcases is that for a girl? haha

    don't forget your powercord for your laptop, headphones and a movie if your going to watch one on the airplane.

    have a safe trip!!

    I'll pray for you :). Take care!

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