Today has just been one of those days when NOTHING goes right and EVERYTHING annoys you. I don't even know where to start. my dad's being a huge jerk (but really, what else is new?). it's a huge long story that never really ends and always comes up again and again. i really need a therapist to vent to (see that mom?). i'm not going to go into it here because i don't want to come off as the huge whiney bitch, but just know, he's a jerk.

we went to a restaurant today and the waiter/owner was soooo rude! first he was upset that our italian was so poor, but we were trying our best. then he got upset when my friends didn't like what they ordered. sorry mister, they just don't like it. he was screaming in our faces and pointing and we were just staring back in shock. THEN they charged us 12 euros for bread, which we never got. i understand they have a basic service charge, but at least give us the bread then!!!

we agreed to go on this sailing trip this weekend, but then today most of my friends backed out, and when they called to cancel the lady totally bitched them out because she already reserved the boat. which, let's be honest, is understandable. but it's 250 euros, and that's a lot of money i'd rather spend on something else. i really wish my friends had decided not to go BEFORE we all agreed to go. annoyyyinggg! ugh. i like all the people i'm friends with here, but a few of them definitely got hit by the dumb fairy and are really stupid and i can't be around them for very long. super sweet people, but a couple sandwhiches short of a picnic basket.

it's been a long day and it's probably going to be a long night. ughhh.

bad days SUCK.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    aww don't worry I'm sure tomorrow (or today) will be a lot better :)

    but look at the bright side... you're in Rome, and most of the ppl reading this blog aren't lol

  2. Ohmygoshi Says:

    Thanks kev! you always cheer me up!! today is a lot better than yesterday. um...how's fl??

  3. Aris Says:

    hahaha dumb fairy

    Dont let a few bad events get ya down. You're in freakin Italy you dont need to take shit from nobody.
    Your pictures are pretty baller BTW.

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