i've had two bad days since i've been here. both have been on thursdays...what's up with that? apparently i overdrew my account the other day and the bank is charging me a $64 fee...those sneaky bastards, not telling me i'm out but letting me take money out anyways....

money is slipping through my hands like water here. i don't get it. i had close to $700 in my account when i got here and now i'm overdrawn?! whaaaaaat?!? part of the problem is the exchange rate...it's like $1.46 to 1 euro. that blows. my money goes nowhere here. i need it to be reversed. then i'd be much happier. one thing my dad told me was that i was "in italy" and i should go out and do stuff around italy. well hellloooo no money = no going out and doing stuff in italy. the man is so dumb sometimes. i'm not going to just sit in the apartment all day, that would be a severe waste of money. i'm already not going on a trip to greece with all my friends because it's too expensive, AND i backed out of an island trip this weekend because i really can't afford it. i haven't bought anything expensive or designer. it doesn't help that my roommate is loaded and told her dad that she just didn't think that him putting $1000 in her account "just wasn't enough".

i'm tired. i have a headache. i'm broke. and now all those things put together make me very irratable.

After a late night of partying last night, my roommate and i decided to catch a cab to school. It's a pretty long walk, and only like 2.5 euros each if we split a cab. So we're standing out by our corner for about 30 minutes, flailing our arms at every taxi we see. none of them stopped for us! not even the empty ones! apparently today is Italy's national taxi strike day! seriously?!?! wtf?! by now it was too late to walk and still be on time, so we ended up being 10 minutes late. on top of that, we did A TON of walking in class today. almost to the spanish steps, which is a hefty hike, and then of course we had to walk back. i'm still highly annoyed by this stupid taxi strike. apparently it's to get the government to issue more cab liscenses.

gah! how rude!

this weekend i went on a sailing trip on the mediterranean! i have LOTS of new pictures up at my various places, so please go check them out!

as a kid i was petrified of boats! so scared that i used to make my family walk around the epcot world showcase instead of taking the ferry from one side to the other. and i refused to go on any rides that involved boats. so no mexico or norway for me. it's a small world was a push for me. but i got roped into this sailing trip with the rest of my friends this weekend. and to say this trip was amazing would be an understatement! the water was beautiful! not like new smyrna or daytona, but crystal clear, see the rocks at the bottom, kind of blue. there was a little bit of drama the first night on deciding who was on what boat. there were two groups of five and a group of six, and only eight people per boat. so someone was going to have to split up. you'd think the easiset would be for the group of six to become two groups of three, but no, they got real bitchy about that. another suggestion was the last group who signed up should split up, which was a good idea, but then again, if that group hadn't split up, then there wouldn't have been a second boat, so half of the other group wouldn't have been able to go. it was a big mess, and everyone had legitimate reasons for not wanting to split up. in the end one of the groups of five split up. I really liked all the people on our boat, and everyone got along really well, and there was no more drama after that :). the boat was really nice, but verry cramped for nine people (including the captain). the toilet had no flush, but instead a pump, and the paper was put in a waste bucket under the sink...yeah, imagine my horror upon learning THAT pretty fact...i'm sure you can imagine the look on my face.....
the second day was the best. we sailed all night and woke up surrounded by cliffs and a beach. we were at Palmarola, part of the Pontine Islands. it was a little gray that morning, but cleared up by the afternoon and it was a bright blue sky with lots of sun! this is a shot of us jumping into the medaterranean sea! the water was a bit cold at first, but after a few minutes you got used to it. we hit a couple of different islands, and eventually came to Ponza, an island with a village built right into the side of a mountain. it looked more like it was from Greece, than Italy. We docked here for the night, so the captains could sleep, and we could walk around on solid land. We got to explore and shop a little bit. We hit a few bars and got some drinks, and just enjoyed the scenery. we were going to wake up early to catch the sunrise, but yeah, that definitely didn't happen. instead we woke up around 10 and had already set sail again. it was a long nine hour sail back to Ostia, the port we left from, so we had to get an early start. while sailing back we saw a huge five mast sail boat way far in the distance. it was so far, it was very faint and looked like it was in mist. It really looked like it was straight out of the 18th century...who knows, maybe it was, and we caught a ghost ship forever at sea...you never know. ;) The weather forecast was also not good and the choppy waves created a lot of rocking, which led to problems for some of the people later on in the day.

By Sunday evening, everyone was ready to get off and back to solid land, even those of us who weren't seasick. our first stop after our weekend at sea? Mcdonalds! nothing tasted as good as those fries that day...It was definitely a weekend to remember and i'm so glad i decided to go!

Today has just been one of those days when NOTHING goes right and EVERYTHING annoys you. I don't even know where to start. my dad's being a huge jerk (but really, what else is new?). it's a huge long story that never really ends and always comes up again and again. i really need a therapist to vent to (see that mom?). i'm not going to go into it here because i don't want to come off as the huge whiney bitch, but just know, he's a jerk.

we went to a restaurant today and the waiter/owner was soooo rude! first he was upset that our italian was so poor, but we were trying our best. then he got upset when my friends didn't like what they ordered. sorry mister, they just don't like it. he was screaming in our faces and pointing and we were just staring back in shock. THEN they charged us 12 euros for bread, which we never got. i understand they have a basic service charge, but at least give us the bread then!!!

we agreed to go on this sailing trip this weekend, but then today most of my friends backed out, and when they called to cancel the lady totally bitched them out because she already reserved the boat. which, let's be honest, is understandable. but it's 250 euros, and that's a lot of money i'd rather spend on something else. i really wish my friends had decided not to go BEFORE we all agreed to go. annoyyyinggg! ugh. i like all the people i'm friends with here, but a few of them definitely got hit by the dumb fairy and are really stupid and i can't be around them for very long. super sweet people, but a couple sandwhiches short of a picnic basket.

it's been a long day and it's probably going to be a long night. ughhh.

bad days SUCK.

I updated a few previous posts with a few pics, and i also uploaded some onto my photobucket so go and look at them!!! They're also on facebook too for all you facebookers out there. comments are always loved!! Grazie!
quick update to say that i found wifi! the only downfall is that it's on my porch in a tiiiiny little corner, and i'm sitting in the most awkward position, too afraid to move in fear that i might lose the little signal that i have! my laptop is now seaaring hot and the keys are burning, but hey i found wifi! wooooo....it sometimes works in the kitchen for my roomies, but only hear for me. which is fine at night, but at 1pm...it kind of sucks.

ok! so sorry for the lack of updates recently...i don't have internet in my apartment so i can't post my pictures from my computer, and i really wanted to post some with my entries! tomorrow i'm planning on going to the school and using the free wifi. there are a couple of cafes near school with free wifi too! as soon as i get some, i'll upload everything i have.

but ahh where to start?? my apartment is ok...it's two bedroom one bath, for 4 girls. so it's a tad crammed at times. we have a full kitchen, but no living room. we thought it was really nice, then we saw another one and theirs is soo much nicer, but whatevs. i didn't come all the way to italy to sit in my apartment anyways. oh by the way, i live right next to Vatican City. you can't see from my apartment, but at my friends you can see the vatican from his WINDOW! the view at night is beyond amazing!

i live with 3 other girls from AU and they're all fabuluous! for the most part, i've just been hanging out with AU people, but i'm sure that will change a little when i actually start class on tuesday. although a lot of the AU people are taking digital photography with me too.

Yesterady and today we went on a walking tour through rome. Yesterday we saw the Trevi Fountain (which is so incredible), lots of squares and piazzas, St. Agnes Church (where you can still see St. Agnes' head btw...it's freakishly small, and somewhat disappointing), the pantheon and the Spanish Steps (one of the most famous shopping areas!!!). We were walking and we turned a corner into a small campo and there was the Pantheon just sitting there looking so out of place, but it was gorgeous. the art inside is beautiful and Rafael is buried there, along with a few kings i believe. and maybe a pope too. i can't really remember.

today was the ancient rome tour. looooots of cool stuff. it's hard to describe it all because a lot of it i hadn't heard of before, but a lot of the ruins and things that originated in the b.c./a.d. time frame. we did get to go to the Roman Forum and that was pretty cool. The view from the top was awesome because it encompassed so much in one view. I saw where Caesar was murdered, and where he was cremated and his funeral was at, it ended with the Colosseum...it was so cool just to see it. it's so famous in history, everyone has at least heard of it...and i was standing inside of it today!! a lot of the center floor has been removed (or just fallen, but i think it was purposely removed) and you could see all the underneathes and hallways where the animals and gladiators were kept. There's still a lot of excavation and rennovation taking place too.

it's been A LOT of walking, so we're all pretty exahausted. my next post will be about all the amazing food, because that deserves a post of it's own.


i have a couple of different posts ready to put up, but seeing as my laptop won't connect to the internet and i'm on the hotel's laptop, i can't put them up. i have pictures to go with them.

it was a long long day, and i'm pretty tired. i walked around Trastevere today. it's very old looking. cobbled streets and pink buildings. every now and then you'll see the reminders of time that haunt the streets. there are many restaraunts up and down the different "vias" and a few piazzas, and lots of gelato. i've seen several "gelaterias" but i haven't gotten any yet. i had to eat alone tonight, that was kind of depressing. i forgot my book so i was just kind of sitting there. boy, italians sure do know how to get your money from you. they bring bread to your table, and then charge you 2.50 for it! lol...ridiculous.

the hotel im at only has 5 rooms. mine's really nice, and i have pictures too...hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to connect on my computer and post my pics and whatnot. tomorrow is when i meet all the rest of the people from JCU so i'm excited!!! :)

im super tired now so im going to go read and go sleep...

so let's run through my checklist:

clothes to last me 6 weeks - check
passport and papers - check
hotel room for my early arrival - check (although i'm somewhat nervous about that...)
music and powercord- check
converters - check
sunglasses - check
toiletries - check
shoes - check
sheets and pillow - check
king george - check (he goes everywhere with me)
camera - check
laptop - check (kind of...i won't leave without it)
Euros - check
travel books on Italy, Rome, and traveler's guide to italian - check (i didn't get one on europe as a whole though, i hope i don't regret that)
AIRPLANE TICKET! - check (btw, WHO in the hell doesn't do e-tickets anymore?!?)

i think i'm pretty good. but i'm sure there's something i'll forget, i always do....

HI! so this is where i'll be posting about all my great adventures while in europe this summer! i'm pretty bad at keeping a blog or anything, but i feel that this is an exception, and i'll want the records and memories for later. I'll be posting pictures here to go with my blogs as well, but most of my other pictures will be up at http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa151/Ohmygoshi/ (be sure to check out the Stella album too! she's the 18 month old i sit for in dc and she's absolutely adorable!)

So, i'm less than two days away from flying out and i really haven't packed a single thing. i'm still UNpacking from moving back home. it's been pretty crazy. i hate packing, so i hate unpacking too. I am SO excited for this trip! i know it's going to be absolutely amazing. i'm so excited for the people i'm going to meet and the places i'm going to see! it's my first time to europe, but hopefully won't be my last! to say that this year so far has been trying would be an understatement, so i'm ready for this summer! i really want to see as much as possible, but then there's that whole issue of money...

ahhh it's going to be GREAT though! please leave your comments! i love reading them!!
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